Coffee with treats (NY Friday)

Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm on a mission to find cafes that serve coffee with treats:

When I spent a semester in Brussels, our go-to chocolate shop was Leonidas.  Leonidas is like the Pinkberry of Brussels, while there isn't one on every corner there's always one in walking distance. And it was so cheap!  When I came back I brought everyone chocolate pralines, a 1KG box (that's 2.2lbs!) was maybe 30€.  A 2lb box in NY it's $72, and if you stop in the store  a handful of pieces can be a dollar or two a piece.
A friend devouring chocolate bunny in Bruge

I stopped in their Madison Ave shop with a friend not too long after we returned from Brussels because we needed a yummy memory, but I had never returned because it was so expensive. I hadn't smelled the Leonidas air again until about a year ago.  I was at a meeting in the Financial District, where they have one of their 4 US stores and decided to stop in because I noticed they sold coffee as well.  I walked in to the cute shop and up to the mezzanine level where I ordered a coffee.  To my delight, when handing me my coffee the barista asked if I would like a chocolate with that.  She then asked me if I wanted milk, white or dark.  She saw how excited I was that she even offered me another piece getting to try two of the flavors.  Yay! Just like in Belgium, where you always get a chocolate with your cafĂ©

Last Friday, I was in the FiDi with a co-worker who asked to stop by Starbucks on our way back to the office.  I had a better idea - Leonidas! Why get Starbucks when you can get a coffee drink with Belgian chocolate on the side?

Then, this morning, after another FiDi meeting, I asked if he wanted Starbucks or Leonidas.  I was glad his response was that after last week's deliciousness he wouldn't be going to the Starbucks when Leonidas was right across the street.   As we were walking over, we noted a bunch of other cute places and decided to stop in the Financier Patisserie. We opted to try a new place turning down a delicious praline, but to our delight we noticed the customers on line before us were getting little madeline cakes which turned out to be Shariously delicious!

From Financier Patisserie

We'll be back downtown next week so if you know any other places (anywhere in NYC) that give out fun treats with coffee drinks leave a comment and let me know where I can find them!


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