The Misto! (Want it Wednesday)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

As you will see in many of my "Monday Recipe" posts one kitchen tool I love is the Misto. The Misto is a substitute for cooking sprays such as Pam. Here's why I love it:
Misto Olive Oil Sprayer
The Misto

It's cheap - I'm on my second one.  The first was a hand me down which broke (sort of, the outer casing came off) after a few years of use.  The second, purchased a few months ago at Le Gourmet Chef outlet for $8. The current one seems to be made better where there is no outer casing (Misto must have fixed a common problem) so I think it will hold up better.  Cheaper than continually buying cooking spray.

It's easy - fill it up half way with olive oil (or any kind of oil) pump and spray. Olive Oil is my go to cooking oil.

It's fun - pump it! give it a few pumps and spray away - sprays just like an aerosol can of cooking spray would but without the aerosols. 

It's healthy - although olive oil is a healthier option than most types of cooking oil, it's still easy to go overboard when cooking with it. The spray helps control the use.  I use the misto on anything from coating a baking pan to using on sauteed veggies.  

Another tip, if you buy plain old non-buttered, no-salt popcorn, spray some of the misto and it's much better than lathering up with real or fake butter.

This also makes a great gift combined with some fancy olive oil or balsamic. Shariously, you don't want to missto this one!


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