Smash (TV Pick of the Week)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Since Smash was so heavily promoted and I walked by a set for it about 5 times before the premiere I decided to get on board to watch.  The first episode was good, but typical for a premiere it was setting up the story line and not too exciting.  The second episode I found boring, so I didn't watch the third until a week after it aired when I was scrolling through the on-demand menus looking for something to watch. That got me back on board to watch episode 4, and then could not wait to watch 5 (this past Monday). Now I'm hooked!

I'm rooting for Karen to get the part, she's hard working and  Ivy thinks just because she has the blond Marilyn look she deserves that part.  Of course it's the show's writing that makes Karen likable and Ivy not, but I also think this should be the only backstabbing duo on the show.  I hope Ellis isn't up to something stupid and evil. Although they always make it seem like he is up to something evil in every episode I hope he's just trying to brown nose his way to the top.  I'm interested to see where that goes.  Eileen might be my favorite character so far, but I wish I knew more why everyone doubted her.

The only plot line I'm not a fan of is Michael and Julia (which I think is a bad name for Debra Messing, she doesn't seem like a Julia). Not a fan of affairs, Julia and Michael should stop theirs.  I know they won't and it will be predicable.  

Overall, usually characters on TV shows are perfect or way to screwed up to be relate-able.  So far I feel like Smash is providing the right balance of how people really act and drama.

Shariously, if you don't watch you should!


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