Castle (TV Pick of the Week)

Friday, March 23, 2012

For the second week in a row, my TV pick of the week comes from a show that airs at Monday at 10pm. I’m surprised I know that, since thanks to the invention of the DVR it usually takes me a whole season to actually know the day and time all the shows I watch are on.  By then networks move all the scheduling around for the next season.

On to Castle.  For those of you who don’t watch, Richard “Rick” Castle is a murder mystery writer who, for inspiration, hangs out with some NYPD murder detectives, led by Kate Beckett.  He concocts crazy stories, thinks outside the box and usually helps solve the case.  Although a drama, I’ve enjoyed the show from day one because it really is very light, mostly limited in gore and violence.  It also has very likeable and fun characters.

Ninety percent of the episodes follow a tried and true formula: someone dies in the beginning, there is lots of questioning and investigating until they decide who the suspect is.  It’s never the first person they suspect, usually someone who seemed benign during initial questioning.  Only about 10% of the episodes actually have any character development, which is OK, we all know Castle and Beckett will end up together.

This week’s episode was no different from the 90%.  The case was the murder of a contestant on a So You Think You Can Dance-like show. There was some comedy with Martha (Castle’s Mother) trying to convince a theater critic who 30 years ago wrote a scathing review of Martha, to include a write-up of Martha’s new acting school.  Alexis (his daughter) is still interning with Lanie in the forensics lab and Castle is proud that she figures out some game-changing infor on an old autopsy report. I won’t include any spoilers in case you haven’t caught up on the DVR yet.  This week’s Castle was a solid typical episode but I am looking forward to next week when Castle finds out Beckett remembers him telling her “I love you” just after she got shot in last year’s season finale. 

Shariously watch Castle, such a great show!


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I agree! Castle is great!

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