Weekend Update

Saturday, March 31, 2012

This is Weekend Update with your host Shari....

Just want to apologize for my lack of posts this week - it's not a sign that my blogging was just a phase, I promise.  Since my computer's Hard Drive broke on Monday I have been trying to recover data and figure out my next move.  The other computer we have is a netbook, so the small screen and keyboard make it a little more difficult to write.  Plus it's just not the same as the HP that I'm used to. I also like to keep my posts interesting by having some pictures, and without my HP I've not able to download pictures I want to go along with my posts.
Thanks for all the positive feedback I've gotten about the blog - I didn't forget about you all!  And don't forget to leave your comments, including content you like or don't like, or what to hear more from me about. Supposed to have a new hard drive by April 5, so until then my posts may be a bit more sporadic.

Shariously, stay tuned for the next update.


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