Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welcome to my new, first, experimental blog.  This is a place where you can learn all about me and how to become just like me, (j/k stick to being yourself).  I have no idea where this blog will lead but here's what I'm thinking:

I will have a blog topic every day of the week, some weeks I might blog about each topic and some weeks only a few will come up. Here is the preliminary schedule (subject to change or subject to me writing a post about anything I want that doesn't fall on a specific day):

  • Monday - Recipe of the week, most recipes will be quick healthy meals to make between work and the gym and catching up on the DVR
  • Tuesday - Travel Tuesdays Deal Day Tuesdays [Updated 4/3/12]
  • Wednesday - Want it Wednesdays: about products I like. Some things I already have, so it's you who should want it. 
  • Thursday - TV Thursdays:  my pick show/episode of the week.  Sometimes it's Entertainment Thursdays when I talk about a movie or live show instead. [Updated 8/31/12]
  • Friday - New York, NY: thoughts on daily ventures through the city
  • Saturday - Weekend Activities
  • Sunday - Anything I want or Get to Know Me Day   [Updated 8/31/12]

I hope you will have to continue reading to find out just what each of these posts entails and more importantly leave me feedback so I can write posts that you enjoy.
Thanks for reading!

This is a picture of me, just in a tree while apple picking


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