Groupon Now (Deal Day Tuesday)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The key to getting a good "groupon" deal or other similar pre-purchased voucher systems, lies with buying vouchers only for items that you regularly use or places you regularly go.  The perfect example lies in yesterday's lunchtime purchases.
Piggy Bank with bills sticking out
A few weeks ago I saw a new section on groupon's site called Now! Deals I took a quick look around at places in my work and apartment neighborhood took note, and assumed I'd probably never use one.  For those of you unfamiliar,  Now!Deals is a part of the site where you can get groupons that are only valid on the day you buy them, in a certain time window.  More recently I took another look, noticing that pretty much the places did not change.  The thought that crossed my mind, if I ever feel like eating at one of these places, I know where to get a coupon.

Back to yesterday,  I was sitting at my desk, wondering what I should have for lunch.  I hadn't been to Chickpea in a while, and could go for one of their wraps.  Then, I remembered! Chickpea had a Now!Deals.  So I bought the deal, $6 for $9 credit and headed to get lunch.  I picked up a chicken wrap which came out to $8.11 and saved 2 bucks.  If I really wanted to maximize my savings, I could have made a combo that came closer to $9, but was just in the mood for the chicken wrap.

As a side note, I really like Chickpea - so try it if there's one near you.  I highly recommend the falafel wrap with your choice of hummus and toppings.  And the falafel is baked rather than fried, so healthier than a typical falafel joint - although if you like the crunch of a fried one, that might be missed.

May you all save some Sharious dough with these deals.


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