My TP is Shrinking!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Everyone knows the scheme companies run to reduce their costs; make the packaging every so sligltly smaller, but keep the price the same.  First it was soda, 2-liter bottles became 1.75L. Then it was everything; juice went from 16oz to 1.58, 2 Quarts of ice cream became 1.75 (which made me furious since ice cream is my favorite food and i always like to be fully stocked).  Recently I've noticed this problem with toilet paper!

I had some rolls that were at least an inch narrower they just don't look right.  I get it, trim 2 millimeters off billions of rolls and you save millions of dollars.  Except that in this case, there is a major problem, the rolls are too short for the toilet paper holder at work.  They seem to fit, but once you touch them it causes the TP to fall out and roll on the floor -  yuck!

If there are any toilet paper manufacturers out there I have some ideas:  (1) make the cardboard roll short and keep the paper a normal length, I mean Scott/Walmart has those cardboard roll-less ones, so that seems like a much better place to cut back or (2) make the cardboard roll longer but keep the paper shorter.  Bottom line, toilet paper is important, maybe even more important than ice cream (nah) so lets figure out some other ways to cut cost.

Shariously, what is the deal with a shrinking TP?

PS - I've also noticed recently that the paper towels are shrinking! Dun, dun, dun...


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