In Plain Sight (TV Pick of the Week)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sorry for the delay in this post, should have been published on Thursday April 4, 2012.
I'm so glad that In Plain Sight is back on the air!  But, sad this is the last season, so I hope it's a good one.  I really enjoy this show about the witness protection program (WITSEC as the show calls it).  The writers come up with some pretty unique situations, and it's always interesting to see people from all parts of the country, and all types of backgrounds being placed in Albuquerque, NM.  The show airs on USA on friday nights, or on my DVR whenever I choose. You don't need to have seen previous episodes to catch up.  Check it out, if you get a chance between now and the last 5 episodes.  PS - how can USA call it a season when there are only 8 episodes, I want more :( 

The First episode this season with Mary's baby was a bit strange, but the second seemed to get it's groove back, by the third episode the baby was only a cute background character.

photo: usa
In Plain Sight: Marshall & Mary
Last week's episode (3/30) featured a former Navy Seal gone rogue who was to enter WITSEC and jail for a case against the guy who hired him.  While on the terrace, he jumped off onto nearby  roofs, stole a car and ran away to an Native American Reservation.  Mary and Marshall along with a Reservation patrol woman, Heather head off to find the fugitive and his highly trained partner who has gone looking for him.

All around I felt the episode had some drama and some character focus.  I love how they happened to come across an abandoned "Wild West" town which Marshall of course knows is there because it is a set they built  for Western Films during the 60s. Anyone know if that's actually real?  The show is filmed in Albuquerque so I'd believe if it were true.

This show has a great premise and I will be Shariously sad to see it go.


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