Vermont Weekend Getaway (Weekend Activities)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Unfortunately for Northeast Ski resorts and their surrounding towns, this year must have been a real economic struggle due to the lack of snow.  Fortunately for someone looking to book a last minute getaway, Vermont had some pretty good deals!  A few weekends ago my boyfriend booked Saturday night at the Equinox Resort through an internet deal.  After booking the resort emailed him to let him know that an extra night would be 50% off.

We left work a bit early and was able to take the scenic route (on the Taconic) up to Vermont while it was still mostly light out, a very relaxing drive.  The weekend and resort were great!  Whenever we arrive at a hotel/resort/cruise the first thing we do is explore every space.  The Equinox had tons of lounges, libraries, restaurants and rooms for us to poke our heads into.  Outside was a beautiful fire pit.  It would have been nice if it was wood burning instead of gas to really get the outdoorsy smell and feel, but i guess when you have a lot of guests and want to keep it burning at night, gas is a better option.  There were also a number of fireplaces inside the hotel, so when it was a little to chilly outside we parked ourselves in front of the only wood burning one there was.

I imagine this resort could get pretty crowded in peak season since there seem to be a lot of rooms, but  although there were plenty of guests buzzing about, (especially on Saturday night) it was a very quiet and relaxing experience and the rooms were so nice and comfy!

Pond with Equinox Mountain
in the background
Saturday morning we had a delicious breakfast in one of the restaurants.  I got an apple cinnamon french toast which was loaded with delicious baked apples and strawberries.  After breakfast we took a nice long hike in the Equinox Mountain behind the resort.  The day was a bit overcast and without snow or leaves on trees it wasn't especially scenic, but we did happen upon a pond that was pretty.  The rest of the day we sat by the soothing indoor pool, and took a yoga class.  For dinner we went into town and found a delicious Italian restaurant.  The town of Manchester was very cute, but it was sad that NO ONE was around.  You can tell from all the large parking lots and abundance of stores that during high season this is a place to be.

Me at the pond
Sunday, we went back into town for brunch at "Up For Breakfast," you get the pun even more when you realize that the restaurant itself is upstairs.  To finish off the weekend we made a stop at Woodbury Commons for some power outlet shopping - always a good end to a weekend!

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