Feed Readers (Want it Wednesday)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

This is already my 10th Post! I've gotten 9 posts under my belt and good feedback from readers, so now it's time to take it up a notch and spread the word.  I want to let my readers a know a few ways that they can easily keep up with my blogs.

A few people have told me that although they occasionally get forward blog posts to read, or know of some that they check every now and then, there aren't any blgos they read regularly.  Perhaps that's because they don't know some great ways to do that.
  • Google Reader - Through Google Reader you can subscribe to all sorts of blogs.  I've been using Reader for a few years and I love it.  Not only do I subscribe to personal blogs like mine, but tons of news sites as well. I subscribe to NYTimes and NYTimes Columns (ie. Pogue's Posts), Gothamist for my NYC news, Curbed for construction and real estate updates as well as a handful of humorous sites like Damn You Autocorrect and When Parents Text. Depending on the blogs you subscribe to, it has a Recommended Items section where it uses your current subscriptions to find others you might like.  It's through this that I found a lot of of good blogs and info!  Over the years my list has reached into the 30s (some subscriptions never have any activity and some have hundreds of posts a day), but some folks I know have thousands!
  • Email - On the right side, at the top of this post, there is a Subscribe to Shariously box, enter your email and whenever there is a new entry to your email, it will go.
  • Outlook - Newer versions of Microsoft Outlook even have an RSS Feed option.  Right along with reading your daily emails you can subscribe to tons of blogs!
There are lots of good RSS feed readers out there if none of the above suit your needs.  And, I'm sure there's an app for that, although I haven't found a good app for google reader yet - any suggestions?

If you don't already follow my blog religiously you should Shariously use one or more of the methods listed above!


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