Favorite NYC Spring/Summer Activities Part 2 (NY Fridays)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm sorry for this post being a little late. Things have been crazy lately!  My weekends have been jammed packed, with all sorts of fun stuff (which you have heard about or will be hearing about on this blog) so I haven't had much time to write.  Because of my delay, and the fact it's the unofficial start to summer I've renamed the series to Spring/Summer Activities.  So here goes Part 2:

3. Governors Island - Governors Island one of the most unique places in New York City; a great place for locals and tourists.  Access to the 192-acre island is via a quick ferry ride off the tip of Manhattan.  When the Dutch purchased the island from Native Americans it was mostly used as a military ground with forts, prisons and a base.  From 1966  to 1995 the island was used as Coast Guard Base and was then sold mostly to New York City in 2003 and the rest to National Park Service.  Since then the island has been open on weekends in the summer and its popularity has grown exponentially.

View of Lower Manhattan from Governors Island
The growth in popularity has spurred tons of events on the island; concerts, food truck competitions, jazz festivals, polo matches, art exhibitions and children's activities just to name a few.  There are also bikes you can rent.  Although the whole island is walk-able (a long walk), if you rent a bike, there are tons of car-free roads and paths where you can really explore everything there is.

I can go on all day about all it has to offer.  I really love Governors island, and if you haven't been you Shariously should.

4. Chelsea Market - Chelsea Market is a factory converted into a gourmet food marketplace.  There are all sorts of delicious outlets to get wine, cheese, baked goods, crepes, organic foods, imported foods, fresh seafoods and more.  It's always a great place to stop by and get a snack or some lunch.  It's also right under the High Line so you can get some food to go and eat outside!  (See Part 1 of this post here).


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