Poem for Bridal Shower

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This past Sunday was the Bridal Shower of a friend of mine for whom I am a Bridesmaid.  As something nice from the Bridal party we decided to put together a poem.  Each of us wrote a phrase to read and since I was quite proud of my work writing the intro, conclusion and my portion of the poem, I have decided to share it:

Thank you all for coming to the Milleridge Inn, to Dine
And to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Rob to Caroline

At three years old, Caroline and I first met,
In Grace Avenue Park, on the swing set.
Then there was Baker, Birthdays and many Playdates
I’m so glad we have become, such great mates.
The past 10 years, we’ve had our fun
Making fondue, going camping and the beach in the sun
You are a great friend, I wish you and Rob the Best
As we shower you with love and help you to build your nest.

So everyone please, raise a glass of Wine
As we give a big “Cheers” to a gal who is mighty fine
We love you Caroline!

Unfortunately, due to my grandmother's passing, I was not able to attend the shower, but I did record myself and had a friend play my part.  Up next I will share some of the words I spoke at my grandma's funeral.

For any special event a poem is a Shariously great way to make a sweet toast!


Anonymous said...

Nice job. Very sweet

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