Broadway Review: Once (Entertainment Thursday)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last week I saw Once on Broadway.  What I really liked about the show, other than the great songs and voices was it's uniqueness. I love a fun upbeat stereotypical musical, a big production, one with fun songs, comedy, great costumes, beautiful set and excellent choreography.  Once is not like that; and it's certainly not a typical Broadway musical.
Photo Credit: #Once Instagram

Although it had some comic relief, Once was more of a romantic musical.  The story is simple; an Irish man about to give up on his dream to be a musician and a Czech  woman who encourages him to pursue it and revives his dream.  I won't put any spoilers in here.  What is remarkable about the Broadway production, is that there is no orchestra, differentiating it from a typical show.  All the music is played by actors on stage!  Everyone from the main characters to the ensemble can be seen playing an instrument: the guitar, piano, violin, cello, drums maybe others too.  The casting for the show must be tough!  Because the actors play instruments, dancing in the show is limited - pretty hard to be dancing a jig while playing the cello right? But this also provides some pretty clever choreography.

The music and singing in Once is also incredible.  You may have heard a song or two on the radio; falling slowly won an Oscar for Best Song in 2008.  I usually have a hard time getting into music I haven't heard before - but all the songs in the show really captured my attention.

While I wouldn't say this is my favorite Broadway Show (Jersey Boys is), it is Shariously a show worth seeing!  I can guarantee there isn't another show out there like this.


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