Roomba (Want It Wednesday)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You know what I want, and absolutely don't need - well, it's obvious from the post title, a Roomba.  Having a little Roomba would be the opposite of having a pet, it follows you around but picks up after itself.  About once a month I see Roomba on Woot and always am on the brink of buying it, but decide I really don't need it.  But this post is "Want it" not "Need it" so I can dream, warranted or not.   For those of you reading who don't know me, I have A LOT of hair.  It's not that it's particularly long, but I just have a lot of it.  Consequently it's all over the place all the time.  Once a week I run around the apartment with the Dustbuster and can swear I collect about an entire head of hair off the floor and still manage to have a full head of hair on my head.  Maybe the Roomba would help keep the place tidy.

Also, if you don't know about Woot, check it out - a deal a day type of site, the best one out there for electronics/home goods type of things.  Other than Woot, RueLaLa would be my favorite! I have scored some of my favorite pairs of shoes clothes and accessories from it.  And if you're not a member I am more than happy to refer you, since it would also score me some credit.

I got off topic - but if anyone has a Roomba, can you please let me know how you like it.  The woot deals usually sell refurbished versions for about half off - is it worth it?  Do they last long?  Does the novelty wear off quickly or do you use it often? Shariously let me know about the Roomba!  Thanks.


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