Delaware River Tubing (Weekend Activities)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

For Labor Day weekend, AG and I didn’t have any big plans to get away, but we wanted to get out of the city and do something outdoorsy.  A few years back, we went tubing on the Delaware with Delaware River Tubing.  We planned to go again with the same company which offers an approximately 3-4 hour trip down the Delaware for $35 per person and a $7 fee for parking.  It includes a stop in the middle for “The Hot Dog Man” who offers tubers a free soggy hot dog and drink with other food available to purchase.  A co-worker/friend mentioned that she had been tubing nearby the college we both attended for a much cheaper price.

Taking her advice, our group of 8 ended up at Lazy RiverOutpost where for $15 per person we got a raft and a ride 2 miles upriver.  The river was barely moving so it took about 2 hours to float back to the starting point. We had a great time just hanging out floating down the river.  The water and weather were pretty warm, and it’s easy enough to get out of the tube for a bit and swim around if you want, just make sure someone else hangs on to your tube. Halfway through the trip there is an island where you can stop, walk around and have lunch.  Unfortunately, it’s at the same location where the water really starts to pick up and have some rapids, so not our entire group was able to make it over and we skipped exploring the island.  The tubing company even offers to bring you back up to the river entry again if you want more time on the river, but our group had spent just the right amount of time on water and was ready for a good meal. 

It was a great day spent outside and I Shariously recommend the day trip to anyone looking to relax on the water.


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