Trip to Maine (Vacation Recap Part 3)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Catch up on the beginning and middle of our vacation in Part 1 and Part 2.

For the last two days of our trip, we decided to move off the lake and out to some Maine towns.  The first stop was Freeport, a town well known for its outlet shopping and L.L. Bean headquarters.  We spent a little time shopping and decided we would really rather be doing something else on a beautiful day in Maine.  So, we walked around town, stopped at Azure CafĂ© for a delicious lunch, had some fun at LL Bean and topped it off with Ben & Jerry before heading to our next destination. 
"Ow, don't kick me" Outside L.L Bean

Back in the car, we figured if we were in Freeport, there must be a port somewhere.  We started driving towards the water not really knowing what we would find.  Luckily, there was a cute marina to be found.  Pretty much, it was just a restaurant and lots of boat spaces, but it was a nice spot to take some pics and watch the water.

We had plans to meet friends for dinner in Portland that evening, but wanted to get there early so we could walk around and explore.  Portland was great!  It is filled with cute shops, some were touristy but a lot were small boutiques, bars, restaurants and specialty stores.  For dinner we went to Portland Lobster Co., a great spot right on the pier in Portland.  They had live music, great food & beer and our friends were able to bring their dog along.  We quickly learned that Portland is very dog friendly – everyone brings their pets out and all the shops give out treats.  Our last stop of the night was another local bar where we sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather.
Marina in Freeport

Heading home on our final day, we decided to stop at Kennebunkport.  Similar to the day before, we did a lot of walking around and checked out the local shops before stopping for lunch.  We weren’t quite ready to head home, but knew our vacation had to end.

Aside from the traffic, I’m Shariously glad we decided to vacation in Maine this summer.


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