White Pants after Labor Day?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Banana Republic, Martin Fit
I have a super awesome pair of white slacks, they look so great on me - I wish I had a picture of me in them to share (I think the picture to the right is about right). 

The story of the pants:  Two years ago in September I was Outlet shopping.  I stopped into Banana and picked up a bunch of items to try on.  Before getting on line for the fitting rooms I browsed the clearance rack for any petite pants in my size, (any kind of slacks would do since I need lots for work) when I saw them, perfectly sized pair of white pants.  When I looked at the price tag I was amazed! $14.99! There was no way these would fit me, something had to be wrong.  Low and behold, they fit great and didn't need to be shortened.  The only bad news - it was already after Labor Day so I had to hold off wearing them until Memorial Day.

All that winter I anticipated wearing of the slacks. For the past two summers, I have been happily wearing the pants, but only at very particular times, I'm sure you can relate:  I can only wear them when it hasn't rained for at least a day, a day I won't have to go to any construction sites and there absolutely cannot be any rain in the forecast for the entire day.  I had a bad experience while wearing a pair of pink H&M linen pants one summer.  It started pouring, and I was walking around Chinatown only to discover the entire back of my legs had been splattered with spots of dirty blackness.  The pants were never the same, but luckily they weren't quite as amazing as my current white pair, although they probably were around the same price.

This past week I wore my white pants for the last time this year, unless I break the first rule of fashion.  What do you think?  Do you wear white after Labor Day?  Do you have any great items of clothes that you are picky about when you can wear them and that you Shariously love?


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