Emmy Thoughts (Part 1)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A little late I know, but as I watched the Emmy’s I recorded my thoughts to share with  you all.

Emmy thoughts as chronicled while watching:
  • Amy Poehler's boobs looked a little uneven – PS I was more upset to hear about her divorce from Will Arnett than any other Hollywood separation in long time – I guess it was just too much funny in one couple.
  • I love Modern Family  and once ran into Jesse Tyler Ferguson on the subway, here's my story about that:
    • In December of 2005 I saw Jesse in Putnam County Spelling Bee  on Broadway in which he originated the role of Leaf Honeycomb.  The following summer I started to see commercials for a new show on CBS The Class  where Jesse was to play one of the main characters.  Simply because I had seen him in Spelling Bee I watched the first few episodes--it wasn't great (probably why it didn't get renewed for a second season).  That same fall, I was on my way home from the Gotham Comedy Club  when I spotted him in the 23rd Street 1-Train station with some friends.  I “just happened” to get on the same car with him and worked up the courage to ask him if “he was in The Class” and then proceeded to tell him that I had seen him in Spelling Bee and really enjoyed his performance in it.  He said “Thank you.”  Most of the time when I see celebs I would never go up to them in NYC, but I kind of felt since he was an up and comer he might appreciate being recognized as a Bway star.
    • Come to think of it, I don’t see celebs that often, but I also once had a Sophia Vergara sighting.  I think only 1 or 2 episodes of Modern Family had aired when a coworker and I were leaving a meeting and saw her walk by with some security.   My coworker and I didn’t know her name but we recognized her and after a few moments realized she was on “that new show Modern Family and is married to Al Bundy.” Oh how things change.
  • More Modern Family, I love the show but they won everything last year. Can't they give some others a chance? Julie Bowen's dress is great! Bright colors are big this year. But a little too much spray tan.What’s with all the dresses that look like they are falling off? (I'm talking to you Zoey, Tina and one of the 2 Broke Girls).
  • Last year I said "this is the Modern Family awards" then Ellen (last year’s host) made the same joke just moments later - maybe I should switch careers and become a comedy writer.
Stay tuned for Part 2...


Soudi said...

Which season of Modern Family do you like the most?

Shari said...

They are all great! I don't think I could pick unless I went back and re-watched them all. I recall one episode in particular where I was cracking up the whole time, it was 2 seasons ago, but I can't remember offhand what the episode was even about. Do you have a favorite?

Shari said...

Is Modern Family in syndication?? It should be right?

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