Hurricane Sandy

Friday, November 2, 2012

I hope that everyone made it through Hurricane Sandy safely!   From around 9 pm on Monday night our apartment building started experiencing the storm surge with water in our backyard and basement.  Around 2:30am the flood waters short circuited our power supply and was shut off, we were officially in the dark (although we had power the longest of any our neighbors). Luckily, our front door and street is significantly higher than our backyard so we were able to leave our building without any problems.  This is something, as a civil engineer, I closely looked at before deciding whether or not we should stay (we were not under a mandatory evacuation).

Even though we had no power, we were able to get news from some live TV broadcasts (on our street corner), and friendly neighbors. Our close proximity to city hall also allowed us to see lots of the action. The first time we left Hoboken was Wednesday, 10/31. We had to walk about a mile to catch a ferry to the city where we went to my office where they did have power (and showers). By Wednesday morning the waters receded from our backyard and by Wednesday night the water in streets around us also receded.   Today, Friday, 11/2, we are still without power.

Starting Sunday night, 10/28 we went out to take some before pictures (by before I mean before the storm really hit) in Hoboken. Here are a series of pictures taken from Sunday afternoon through Tuesday night, enjoy:

Water level between Pier A and Lackawanna Plaza 10/28 5pm
Corner of Washington and Newark
Water level between Pier A and Lackawanna Plaza (high tide 11pm)
Start of flooding on Lackawanna Plaza
Around the corner from us (Tuesday 10/30 around 1pm)
Our swimming pool backyard (1 pm 10/30)
Gary Tuchman doing a report around the corner

How did you whether the bad weather?  Please share


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