Louis C.K Stand Up Tour

Monday, November 19, 2012

A few weeks ago AG and I got to see Louis C.K live!  The show was great and Louis is great.  We had such a fun time with the audience constantly cracking up.  One great aspect of his tour is they way he sells the tickets.  From louisck.net:

"Hi. I'm going on tour all over America, or at least some of it.
Tickets for this tour are available EXCLUSIVELY here on louisck.com.
Tickets are 45 dollars, every seat, every City.
That includes all taxes and fees.
You don't have to join anything and you don't have to hear from me again unless you want to.
 Just cheap tickets to see me do an all new bunch of jokes.
See you on the road, bitches." 

Also, you cannot scalp the tickets.  If any tickets are posted on other resale sites for more than face value, the tickets automatically get refunded.

Louis is known for always delivering new material on each of his tours and he did not disappoint. Except that he did repeat one of his jokes a week later as host of SNL.

Another plus of the show was that it was at the BEAUTIFUL New York City Center (NYCC).  I had only been to NYCC behind the scenes while working on a small project there, never in the actual theater.

 If you have a chance to see Louis C.K live - Shariously do it!


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