DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses (DIY Tuesday)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I've been in a very crafty mood lately, so I've decided to change the rarely used "Deal Day Tuesday" to "DIY Tuesday."

We've all been in the situation, you're sitting around with friends when you glance at the coffee table full of glasses or cups and say "which one was mine?"

I, like probably many of you, saw and repinned the picture on pinterest of wine glasses with chalkboard paint to be used to identify your glass.  My senior year of college, I had bought a can of chalkboard spray paint, thinking my roommates and I could do something cool in our house with it.  We never used it.  The can followed me back home and into 3 apartments, still never used.  I finally had something to use it for!


My first test run was just with this one glass. I started using a glass from a set of  my Mom had gotten me at T.J Maxx.  When we moved into our apartment the previous tenant left behind 2 sets! of wine glasses, so if I screwed up, we had plenty more to use.  I took a zip lock bag, sealed it up just a little above the bottom of the stem and sprayed away.  I did two or 3 coats out on the terrace, and waited for it to dry.  It came out perfect!  A few weeks later, I decided to complete a couple more.  The only issue I had was I tried to use 1 ziplock bag for all the glasses, but when I removed the bag to put on a new glass, sometimes there was wet paint that would get on places I didn't want.  I also tried to get more creative by making the area of the paint look like a label, but that didn't work out too well, and it got a little messy.

Now I have a great set of 8 chalkboard wine glasses for when we have friends over!

When I went back to look at the original pins for this idea, I saw that the common method was to dip the glass in chalkboard paint.  I saw there were some problems with this, so I highly recommend the spray paint method.

Has anyone else tried this Shariously great idea?


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