Welcome back to me!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hello Internet!

After six months with only a handful of posts I'm ready to come back with lots of posts for your enjoyment!  I am now a married woman, but don't worry not much has changed.

There are so many thing to catch up on. Of course, I'll have tons of wedding and wedding related posts on both of our weddings. (Both weddings? Yes! so much to catch up on).  And, I'll also get back to writing lots more Recipe Mondays, Travel Tuesdays, Want-it Wednesdays, Entertainment Thursdays, NY Fridays and much more.

So let's get started - and if there are any topics you want to hear more about, Shariously, let me know.  You can leave me comments or send me an email.  Please also share this blog with your friends and family, I would love to up my readership.

I leave you with a wedding photo:

Taken by our Photographer Angie of Milestone Images


Adam24 said...

Thanks for the update. Shariously, missing my Shariously.

Soudi said...

Welcome back :-)

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