January 3, 2014 (Five Foto Friday)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome to my First Five Foto Friday!

1. Maria the Fish
I don't think I've ever introduced you to Maria - readers, meet Maria a one and a half year old betta fish.  I'll try to make a long story short, here's the story of Maria:

Almost two years ago a co-worker and I moved into a space at our office which had previously been The Library.  Since in recent years pretty much everything went digital, the resources were out dated and our office was running out of space we got to move into this semi-private officle/bullpen area.  The best part is that it is adjacent to a wall of windows (a rarity in the office) and an unusable terrace.  We soon came to learn that seagulls like to hang out on the terrace railing right outside the window and would squawk all day making it sound like we were on the beach.  And so since we got tired of telling people we sat in the old library, "The Beach" was born.  What beach is complete without a fish, so upon my return from a meeting last August, I met Maria Junior, named for a super-intern (an intern who is pursuing a masters degree) who sat in the beach that summer. We found out weeks later that "colorful" betta fish are actually males.  I don't judge, but a new beach-mate has changed the "a" to an "o" to make him Mario, he'll always be Maria to me.

2. Original Succulent Plant
3. Succulent Propagation                    
I really love succulents and we had them at our wedding on the high-tops during cocktail hour, I wanted to keep them or give them out, but they got thrown away. I was upset, but luckily, my aunt and cousin got me a great succulent plant recently (left).  You only have to water it once a month and give it lots of sunlight, it's been growing like crazy even in the cold, un-sunny climate.  I heard you can propagate them so I read up a bit on it, and the plant on the right is just starting out, it's a cutting from the original plant.  I hope to keep taking pictures of them so I can really see the progress over the year.

4. iphone 5s unpacking
5. iphone 5s
 Last but not least, yesterday I upgrade to iphone 5s!  I did a great job of keeping my iphone 4 in great condition for three and a half years, but I decided a new phone for the new year.  I didn't realize how much I would notice that the 5s is lighter, has a seemingly much larger screen, is much faster and has a better wi-fi connection than the 4, but it really does.

I'm Shariously loving Five Foto Friday (FFF) so far and can't wait to share some photos from next week!


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