Happy New Year 2014!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Two thousand thirteen was a wonderful year, full of weddings (including my own), spending time with friends and family, meeting new people, taking great vacations (read here), winning contests and much more!  Like any year, it had it's ups and downs, but overall, 2013 will absolutely be one of my most memorable.

I figured out this year why I'm not so big on "resolutions" (see last years post)  I think it's because too many people take resolutions  as being a challenge.  They say I'm not going to eat any cheese this year and a week later when they realize cheesecake is in fact made out of cheese, they say "oh well" and give up.  This past Passover, I was a few days in of avoiding products with leavening, when I accidentally ate some pretzels.  Some people would just give up and eat pizza for lunch and pasta for dinner.  Instead, I said "whoops" and continued to try my best to keep kosher for Passover.  That's why having a "fresh start" doesn't matter so much to me; I am always trying to improve my health, be kinder, try new things and keep blogging.  If I have a set back, I don't just give up, I keep moving forward.

One thing I'd like to try and do this year is add a new subject to the blog called Five Foto Friday.  It's pretty self explanatory, but, in an effort to keep the content of this blog fresh and new, I'll post five photos from the past week or two (or old photos that may be relevant), maybe I'll provide commentary.  We'll see how it goes, so stay tuned!


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