JetBlue Contest (Part 1)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some time back in June, Adam saw that Jet Blue was hosting a contest for engaged couples to enter to win a wedding at JFK's T5 JetBlue terminal and a honeymoon to Hawaii (in partnership with Hawaiian Airlines), called Something Blue (get it?).  No one ever wins those contests in real life, but he entered.  You had to write a short paragraph about why we should win and submit a picture.

Here was his submission:
Submitted story:
Shari and I got engaged on a JetBlue flight last summer! We met on an airplane 7 years ago and so I (Adam) decided to propose on a flight to Boston. Shari and I can't express how much we love the staff and crew of JetBlue and JetBlue will always be a part of an incredible moment that we will share together for the rest of our lives. We were planning on going to Hawaii for our honeymoon so this trip would be absolutely amazing and so fitting! We can't thank you enough for making our engagement so special!

Honestly, after that I forgot about it.  But about a month later, I was out at a project site in Staten Island when Adam texted me saying that we had been selected as one of three finalists!  We had 24 hours to review all the rules and sign a bunch of paperwork to make our finalist status "official."

For the two weeks following, we weren't allowed to tell anyone. It was so hard to keep it a secret.  On August 12, 2013, the facebook voting began.  The day the Something Blue contest went live we felt pretty good, we definitely had the most applicable story to the contest. For 12 days, we worked as hard as possible to get everyone we know, and everyone those people know to vote for us every day.    We emailed, tweeted, facebooked, and used every form of social media to get the word out there so everyone would vote.  We were so amazed and touched by everyone's positive response.  Tons of our friends and family were passing the messages on to their friends and family and posting on facebook and getting more positive responses.  For weeks we were hearing stories like how Adam's brother's roommate's parents' friends were voting for us every day.

Sometimes, during the voting period we would worry, other contestants would be posting and their friends and family would be rooting for them and one of the couples even had an article about them on

Shariously stay tuned to see what happens next!


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