JetBlue Contest (Part 2)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Something Blue

When I last left off in Part 1, we were campaigning throughout the voting period, up until the very last moments that voting was open on Sunday night.  The next day, between 10 and 11am, we would be receiving a call letting us know the outcome.  Adam and I worked from home that morning so we could be together when the call came. On Sunday, I mentioned to Adam that I thought they would call the losers first.

A few minutes after 10 am, I was on the phone with a coworker when Adam's phone rang, being so close to 10am we must have been the first call and if my logic was right, that would be it, the excitement was over.  I, not able to get off the call quickly enough, watched as Adam answered the phone and then... started bouncing off the walls, running all over the apartment, WE WON!  But, we couldn't tell anyone until it was public on JetBlue's facebook page later that afternoon.

The next few hours were tough, I had to go into the office and pretend I still didn't know the outcome when all my coworkers kept asking if we had found out.  Finally, around 3:00pm, JetBlue announced us as winners of the Something Blue contest!

It worked out so well that we, JetBlue and the wedding were all NY based because a week or so after we won, the marketing team in charge of the event invited us to the JetBlue headquarters in Long Island City to go over all the details of the "wedding" and honeymoon.

Here's what we ended up winning:

  • A wedding ceremony & reception in JFK's T5 JetBlue Terminal for us and our guests including
    • 10 roundtrip JetBlue flights (if any of our guests would be traveling from out of town)
    • 5 rooms at the Yotel in Manhattan the evening before the wedding, our room was a really sweet suite
    • Flowers and decorations by FTD/Georgewood Florists 
    • Cupcake display by Baked By Melissa
    • Wedding Dress from Justin Alexander
    • Tuxedo Rental from
    • Breakfast reception by JetBlue
    • Entertainment by the Hawaiian Airlines Serenaders
  • Honeymoon to Hawaii!! Including
How Shariously awesome is all that!  Next up in the series, recap of all the events and winnings!


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