Uniqlo Ultralight Down (Want-it Wednesday)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's been a long time since a Want-it Wednesday, but this one was something I wanted and got and I'm here to report the result to you.

If you live in the New York City tri-state area you've seen the signs for Uniqlo about the Ultra Light Down jackets they have. 

You probably thought the same thing I did when I first saw them "there's no way that keeps you warm."  Then maybe had even more skepticism when  you picked one up in the store or tried it on.  The jacket weighs only 7 ounces!

After trying on some jackets last year, I decided this year that I just had to have one.  If it didn't keep me warm on freezing days I always had my old coat as a back up.  Well I'm here to tell you that this Ultra Light Down jacket really does keep you warm!  I opted for the long one in brown.  Let me tell you, for a two winter seasons this jacket has kept me warm.  Last year I wondered, since it wasn't a very cold winter, if the jacket was really keeping me warm. But, I can definitely vouch for the fact, that after wearing this jacket on every single-digit cold weather day, that  it does keep you warm!  

I have become a huge Uniqlo fan this past year, I did some holiday present shopping there and picked up some very affordable, very nice cashmere blend scarves, and fun socks and comfy shirts. 

For $70 this was a Shariously great investment!


Soudi said...

Wow, good to know. I used to think they don't work. But if it kept you warm this crazy winter, it means it's super warm.

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