Second Blogaversary!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hello Readers!  Happy Friday, Happy Pi Day (this blog was posted on 3.14159, eastern daylight time),  Happy Blogaversary! AND this is my 101st post!  (I didn't realize that my last one was my 100th, so we'll pretend that 101 is special).

It has been a great two years of blogging, there have been some periods with tons of posts and some periods of nothingness, but I still enjoy blogging and hope you enjoy the content I provide.  In keeping with tradition (2 years in a row makes a tradition right?) here is some info about my blog in the past year:

Most commonly searched keyword that brings people to my site: "low-cal peach bellini"

1  My analytics was not working properly for practically the entire month of December, so the numbers are definitely off.
2  Blogger shows a different total number of page views from google analytics, so I'm not really sure why the difference, but this number looks great!

Last year I set a few goals for myself, here's what they were and how I did with them:

  • Gain more regular readership - I think I accomplished this one a little, I do have more email subscribers and a more widespread audience, but I'd still love more readers.  I had a few posts that I tweeted about and were subsequently re-tweeted which drove a lot of visitors to the site.
  • Average 2 posts per week - This did not happen. But if I discount my summer hiatus I think I almost hit this goal.
  • Have more reader comments and interaction - Huge thanks to all you who comment!  I love to read comments and respond to them, keep it up.

Blog Goals for the next year:

  • Build more great content. Please let me know what you want to read about! 
  • Try again for 2 posts a week average
  • More readers
  • More comments
  • More promotion on my part to get readers and comments by tweeting and posting on facebook
  • Switch over to a different blogging platform since Bloggers text editor and photo options are limited and a struggle (ie. not being able to make a table).
And Shariously big thanks to all my readers (and editors), keep spreading the word. And thanks for allowing to use so many exclamation marks in this post.

Five Foto New York Friday

Friday, March 7, 2014

So this post is both a Five Foto Friday and a New York Friday!  It's like a double feature.

On Wednesday, a coworker and I had an 11:00 meeting at the Olmsted Center (NYC Parks Dept headquarters) in Flushing, Queens in Flushing Meadow Park.  Flushing Meadows Corona Park was also the the location of New York's 1964-65 World's Fair, National Tennis Center (home of the US Open), CitiField (where the Mets play) and a bunch of museums and tons of recreation spots.

As we were walking over from the subway to the meeting I asked my coworker if he had been to the Panorama of the City of New York at Queens Museum where they have a giant 1"=100' model of the entirety of New York City.  He hadn't been, neither had I, but heard from many people that it was a great sight.  After a very short meeting, the architect we were with mentioned the same exhibit I had mentioned earlier as well. And, said that the model gets updated from time to time with models that Architects from around the city donate.  Well, my coworker was sold, we were going to check out the exhibit, it didn't hurt that we had both budgeted 1.5 hours of our day for the meeting which ended up barely 40 minutes.  And, I had a meeting later in the day in Long Island City, Queens so it didn't make any sense to go all the way back into Manhattan then back out.
The Unisphere up-close
As we walked over to the museum we passed the Unisphere from the World's fair.  Although I had seen it hundreds of times from far away, I never had been this close.  It is quite impressive.

Midtown Manhattan
Next up, is a view of Midtown Manhattan.  The model was created in 1964 and mostly looks like the city did 50 years ago, although there have been some updates through the years.  You can kind of see Laguardia Airport near the top of the picture, and one really cool aspect of this model is that they had planes taking off and landing at the airport!

This expansive view is from the south of Brooklyn.  Just off the bottom of the screen would be Coney Island and to the bottom left is the on ramp for the Verrazano Bridge. The Bronx is at the top left and Queens the top right. Sorry Staten Island, I left you out.  I took this picture for my dad, you can spot the building he grew up in near the bottom of the picture.

Last but not least, the martian spaceships. I don't know what these structures were actually for in the World's Fair, probably some exhibits and rides, but everyone knows them as the spaceships from Men In Black so I took a picture to share.

If you have an opportunity to check out this exhibit I Shariously recommend it.  Even though it seems all the way out in Queens, it's actually a pretty quick trip from Manhattan.