Five Foto Friday (June 13, 2014)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Friday!

A short post for you all this Friday: 

I took this picture a few weeks ago at a luncheon from the ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental at Columbus Circle.  I posted it on instagram and Facebook and it got tons of likes so I figured I'd share.  Since One57 (the building shown in the picture), is one of my company's projects, my marketing team liked the picture so much, they might even feature it in some marketing materials.

The week days have been dismal, but the weekends have been great!  Here is a picture of downtown and midtown on beautiful spring days.

Last weekend we watched a friend's dog for a few hours.  He's an adorable 6 month old goldendoodle.  Note the cord next to him, which he subsequently chewed through when he mixed it up with his chew toy.  The cord is the power cord for my surface.  Luckily, Microsoft has some great customer service, replaced the cord in 3 days and here I am typing to you from a fully powered Surface.  

Lastly, here is a view of a rainy Manhattan from at 19th floor in sunny Downtown Brooklyn.  That's a summer's evening for you.

Have a Shariously wonderful weekend!


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