Bachelorette Party #5 (Weekend Activities)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another wedding season is upon on us and with that comes bridal showers and bachelorette parties.

In April I attended a bachelorette party and it was another solid fun day!

Spa Castle

Our first destination was Spa Castle. I had scoured the website and reviews to know what to expect, but I still didn't know quite what to expect.  Here's the rundown of how it all works.

First you arrive and pay your admission fee and receive a wristband,  the wristband basically looks like a watch, but instead of the time it has your assigned locker number and electronically opens and locks your locker and can be used to pay for food or services.  The next stop is the locker room where you have to find your shoe locker - there are no shoes allowed anywhere in the spa.  After you lock up your shoes you get a uniform - an over-sized pink t-shirt (blue for males) and over-sized gray shorts.

One level up is "Sauna Valley", the food court and spa services. Two levels up are the pools, bar and fitness center.  Our group opted to check out the pools first.  These are not swimming pools, they are spa pools. They are warm, so you can use them all year round and they are set up with all sort of "stations."  For example, at one station you sit on a bench and turn the jets on which are directed at your lower back and feet.  Another station may have a waterfall which massages your shoulders or one that jets your thighs or calves.

After spending the good part of the afternoon at the spa, we headed back to the bachelorette's apartment for some cheese, cocktails and "how well do you know your fiance" before heading to dinner.


For dinner we went to Talde, a delicious Asian Fusion restaurant in Park Slope.  I highly recommend it for it's family style food and yummy cocktail concoctions. 
Our Bling for the night

Floating Kabarette

Our final activity of the night was Floating Kabarette - a cabaret variety show billed as "Circus and Cabaret Spectacular."  The show was fun, the audience filled mostly with Bachelorette parties and the acts varied in appeal to all sexes and sexual orientations.  There were acts ranging from circusy - like twisting around in silk ropes and dangling from hoops to more traditional burlesque dances.  Then there was this lady doing some sort of Octopus dance. The MC was pretty entertaining (and dirty) as well.  
Octopus Lady
Another Shariously successful ladies day out!


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