Breaking Bad (TV Thursday)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

So, I know, I'm late to the party, but, the hubby and I have jumped on the Breaking Bad bandwagon. For a while, we've been wanting to watch Breaking Bad, but since we didn't have Netflix and it's not on Amazon Prime Instant Video, and only a few episodes were on demand we never wanted to pay extra to watch. Then, about two months ago, my Mom had taken season 1 out from the library and while we were over we started to watch.  The first episode was good but pretty gruesome. I'm a big believer that you can never judge a TV show by it's first episode so we watched half of the second episode before going to bed.  A few weeks later, we watched through the third episode when we returned to my parents.  We thought it was not going to be a binge experience since we were very slowly getting through them.

Starting four Sunday's ago, AMC started a weekly Breaking Bad Binge Marathon, airing seven episodes every weekend in order!  We could finally work our way through the rest of the episodes.  We got hooked, but now we had to wait a whole week for the next episodes.  Finally, we managed to borrow a Netflix account so we don't have to wait until Sundays and we have made it to season four.

For the most part, the show has its up and downs in the amount of blood and violence, but sitting through it is a small price to pay for the addictiveness of the show. All the characters are great!  I have tried my best to avoid spoilers for years in hopes that I would finally watch this some day and it paid off.  Although I do know what happens in the end (I do read EW religiously so it's a little hard to avoid not knowing anything) but I don't know how it happens and how everything plays out.  I recommend watching the series, and if the blood is too much just cover your eyes for a bit.

Now that we can borrow a Netflix, next up Orange is the New Black!  What are your Shariously favorite shows to Binge Watch?


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