Seashell Memory Box (DIY Tuesday)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lately, since I now have the space, I've been feeling crafty.  A few weeks ago, we were in Bed Bath and Beyond looking for some items for the house, when I came across this decorative wall hanging:

I thought, that would look nice in our beach-themed yellow guest room.  Then thought, that it was probably about $30 and looked like something I could make myself.  I have a huge collection of seashells and paints, all I needed was a frame.  While in AC Moore I found a set of three white memory box frames on sale for $10.


Rust-oleum spray paint
9 Seashells
Memory box frame
Cardboard (cut to frame size)*


  1. Choose your 9 seashells - I chose to use a variety of shapes, textures and sizes, with the center shell being the "coolest" looking one.  Use a spray paint to coat them.  Lighter colors will help retain the texture.
  2. Mix a paint color to use for background.  I decided on turquoise to be reminiscent of the ocean as well as to match our yellow wall color.  Paint your backdrop.
  3. Use hot glue to glue the shells to the background.
  4. Place in frame!
Here is my final product:

The best part of this endeavor, when I was done, I looked the item up on BBB's website, and found out the retail price is $59.99!  This basically cost me $3.33, the price of the frame, since I had all the other materials.

I Shariously love being crafty and look forward to sharing more of my creations with you.

*I bought some canvas to paint on for the background, but the middle seashell was too deep and I had to repaint the background on cardboard in order to make it fit.


Soudi said...

Very creative!
Now if you use the ambient sounds websites and choose wave sound, your guests would think they're staying in shore.

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